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Inviting customers to an interview

An email recruiting participants for a customer research study.

You’ll often hear that quantitative data tells you what’s going on but if you want to understand why it’s happening then you need to collect qualitative data. I have found this to be true and also believe that a balanced diet of qualitative and quantitative data is the key to a healthy design process.

We recently launched a new feature on and now I’m in the process of understanding how well it’s doing. It’s still early to get excited but we can already see patterns emerge from the quantitative data coming in. On the qualitative side, I started recruiting people for customer interviews this week and it’s going really well thanks to the approach I outlined in this older post. Just as I was about to send out the email to qualified participants, I thought I’d share it here:

Subject: 📣 Tell us about your experience with

Hello, my name is Filippo and I’m a researcher at I’m reaching out to you because you left us your email while trying our new site checklist feature. We’re constantly working on it to make it better and can only do that by talking with people like you.

Can you spare an hour of your time next week to talk about your experiences with so far? You can participate from the comfort of your own home or office and we’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card to compensate you for your time.

If you’re interested in participating, please book a time that works for you on my Calendly account.

Find a time

Filippo Di Trapani

At the very least, this will make it easier for me to find in the future but I also hope that it’s useful for you should you need to write an email like this. Until next time!


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